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The Man on the Rubber Balloon
or Optimism

April 2022

Would you travel halfway around the world to discover the secret of life? Max Hansell did, and he was never quite the same.  

Cheated and dumped by his dishonest employer, Max escapes recession-hit London to trek to the source of the Amazon River. He is determined to start life afresh, but disaster follows and before long he finds himself in the world of drug cartels, cocaine labs, corruption and torture deep in the Bolivian rainforest. His unknown DEA cousin is trapped there, but can Max discover the secret of life AND save his distant cousin? 

This is one man’s journey to discover himself amidst the beauty, excitement and violence of South America.

Plata o Plomo

(A Bullet or a Bribe)

December 2021

One of the richest men in the world is on the run. Pablo Escobar is being hunted by the Colombian government and the DEA, but the head of the Medellín cartel is hidden deep in his secret bunker with other plans.

‘Limon’ watches him unravel bit-by-bit as those carefully laid plans fall short and his empire crumbles. With a noose tightening around his neck and deceit at every turn, Pablo’s paranoia grows until only one option remains for El Patrón

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